Ella Maesepp

Landcare Program Manager

Ella ClontarfElla Maesepp (BSc (Hons) Env Sc) has been working as a Landcare Officer in the Upper Blackwood since 2003, currently as the Landcare Program Manager with Katanning LCDC. Over these 12 years she has brought $2.7 million in grant money to the district, and since starting with Katanning Landcare in 2006, has been involved in the delivery of $4.7 million worth of projects. These projects alone have planted more than 800,000 trees, erected 400km of fences and established over 700 ha of perennial pastures.

In 2004, Ella established a coordinated feral animal baiting and shooting  program called ‘Red Card for the Red Fox’, whilst working in Dumbleyung. The program is still in place today (slightly renamed) and is coordinated professionally across more than 50 agricultural Shires.

In 2010 Ella took up a request from the community to assist in restoring a hypersaline eutrophic recreation lake, and has spent the past five years coordinating the Restoring Lake Ewlyamartup program with support from a volunteer working group. As part of the program, Ella also co- coordinated the “Great Ewlyamartup Sludge Clean-Out” which, in one week, saw 1400 machinery-hours and 1700 volunteer-hours donated to remove 20,000m3 of nutrient-rich sludge from the lake. The operation was unprecedented and incredibly successful.

Lake Ewlyamartup has been transformed from an abandoned yellow mess to a popular waterbody for water-skiers, kayakers, swimmers and picnickers, with more developments through the State Governments Living Lakes program for an engineered flushing channel and an indigenous art project with local elders acknowledging the cultural connection with the Lake.

Ella is also a Climate Media Centre Spokesperson, where she provides professional insight into a wide range of environmental topics.

Ella is married to a cattle, sheep and grain farmer and reconciles large-scale climate information with experiences on their home property.

Ella is a keen advocate of the important role of individuals in tackling climate change and runs Katanning Eco-House, a domestic sustainability business based around her own family home. By demonstrating her own solar-passive strawbale house, 100% off-grid solar & wind power, vegetable garden, waste minimisation, and hybrid car she aims to normalise low-impact, high-quality living.

Ella is currently on maternity leave from Katanning Landcare.

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