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The Shire of Katanning is pressing ahead with the next stages of the Piesse Lake area.

Wetland consultants SERCUL were engaged to investigate water sources, salinity, nutrient levels, and suitable plant species. SERCUL also ran an online survey to gauge the public’s ideas about usage of the lake area.

As a result of the investigation SERCUL has produced a document to provide the Shire of Katanning with a staged implementation and management plan for the future of Piesse Lake. The on ground works will be carried out over a three-year period.

Work has begun on finishing the lake edges ready for planting the riparian zones in winter 2017.


The riparian zone (water’s edge vegetation) will be mainly sedges and rushes to filter nutrients from the lake and provide habitat for frogs, turtles and aquatic insects. A few other species will be planted at this time to provide shade and biodiversity.

Also in winter 2017 the storm water outlet from Federal and Forrest streets will converted from a drain to a rain garden.


Meanwhile work will be continuing on restructuring the concrete bay into a subsurface wetland to be planted in 2018. The concrete wall facing the lake will be landscaped with rocks to stop erosion during high water events.


The bund wall near Piesse dam will also be modified with rocks and a spillway. A mixed planting of ground covers, shrubs, and trees will also be carried out in 2018.

This exciting project will give Katanning a green heart, but it can only be achieved if we all work together.

Shire of Katanning can do the construction, but if we want this project to succeed then we the citizens of Katanning need to contribute our time to get the plants in the ground.

Over 20,000 plants each year for three years! That will take a lot of people-power!


If you think you are up to the challenge, and can help us plant these seedlings, please contact to be notified about planting with Friends of Piesse Lake or use this sign up form and select the “Notices about Volunteer Opportunities” check box to be automatically notified of planting events and hit the green “Sign Up” button at the bottom.

Author: Bev Lockley

Bev is an Australian native plants specialist, with a particular focus on the unique flora of the arid region of the Great Southern and Wheatbelt. Bev is a community activist, amazing teacher, and the initiator and driving force behind the Friends of Piesse Lake and the Katanning Propagators Group.

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