Katanning and Surrounds Fox Shoot 2017 Results

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The weather wasn’t with us for the night of the Fox Shoot, nor the morning of the Tally Breakfast, but we had a a great weekend, and good results for the year, adding to the state-wide Red Card for Rabbits and Foxes total for 2017.

Eight teams registered, one showed up empty handed, one showed up late, and one didn’t come out, so the results are shown for six teams.


Official Results from Katanning and Surrounds Fox Shoot 2017:

5th Place – Kowald Blood – 5 foxes

4th – Baxter’s Bunch – 12 foxes, 1 cat

Equal 3rd – Fox on the Run – 13 foxes, 1 rabbit
Equal 3rd – Poverty Corner Poachers – 13 foxes, 1 rabbit (arrived late)

2nd – Night Howlers – 19 foxes, 2 cats, 11 rabbits

1st – Broomehill Wild Wild West – 37 foxes, 2 rabbits

Grand total: 99 foxes, 3 cats, 15 rabbits

Here’s the results table for the last few years

Year Teams Foxes Cats Rabbits Winners
2017 6 99 9 15 Broomehill Wild Wild West
2016 10 127 3 103 Broomehill Wild Wild West
2015 14 182 4 115 Oxley Inmates
2014 11 95 5 39 Kowald Blood
2013 11 104 6 49 Greg’s Gang
2012 11 127 11 49 Team Mills
2011 99 4 93 Team Mills


I would be remiss if I didn’t take time to thank a whole lot of people:

  • Our volunteers, especially Narelle Knapp for her tireless work getting so many amazing prizes for the shoot, Doug Cherry for organizing the barbeque, Bev and Geoff Kowald for organising the tally and the disposal of the carcasses, and our other volunteers who were so essential to this day happening: Scott Newbey, Kallum Blake, Jeff Baxter, Ian Knapp, and Bev and Ron Lockley. Thank you so much for making this happen!
  • To Ron Bryant from the SSAA (WA) for coming out to Katanning to have a shoot, to speak at the breakfast, and for bringing some goodie bags along. We are thankful to the SSAA who took up the sponsorship of the Red Card for Rabbits and Foxes events, and for their contribution of the $5 bounty to support the Regional Men’s Health Initiative. Also, we are looking forward to seeing his drone footage soon!
  • To the teams, who go out and make a difference, and still manage to come in for breakfast and be cheerful and bright despite being out a long cold night. Well done for getting those foxes, rabbits and cats!
  • And, last, but not least, to our many sponsors. Thank you for your contributions. They make these events happen!


Author: Andrea Salmond

Andrea has been with Katanning Landcare since 2013 and is passionate about equipping people with the tools, skills and resources they need to make positive changes to our environment.

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