Katanning Landcare runs dozens of rehabilitation programs across the Katanning region.

On this page we’ve featured a few of our most recent projects to showcase the good work that is being performed across the community.

QFH Multiparts Productive Landcare Demonstration

Through QFH Multiparts multi-year sponsorship, we will look at landscape changes over neighbouring farms over three years

The three-year project will assess the impact of integrating sustainable land care principles into agricultural practices to effectively manage the whole farming landscape. We will focus on regenerating infertile land, and fixing degradation issues such as erosion.

The project kicked off with a Field Walk through the subject area to demonstrate what the project will be assessing. Throughout the three years, there will be several opportunities to revisit the area and evaluate the changes.

Katanning EcoWeek

Learning how to re-pot trees

An event series run in September to focus on sustainable living and the changes that individuals can make to positively impact the environment

Katanning EcoWeek started in 2014 and was quickly adopted by our community as an important program. Every September, we run a wide variety of workshops and events to help focus people’s attention on the ways they can make a difference. From art and photography and shop front window displays, to workshops on everything from arboretums to worms, we have seen a huge response from our community for the need for these events. We’ve also been attracted visitors from further abroad, and have been struck time-and-again with the message that Katanning is “Surprisingly Sustainable”.

Katanning EcoWeek coincides with the annual Bloom Festival, a Great Southern festival focusing on the spring wildflower season. We are delighted to be a part of this much bigger event. Events have been supported by FRRR, Shire of Katanning, GSDC, SGIO, and through the support of generous individuals, who provide invaluable time, money and resources to the running of these community events.

For more information on the Katanning EcoWeek series, check out the Katanning EcoWeek facebook page.

On Ground Work

Every year Katanning farmers and volunteers plant thousands of trees, and put up fences to protect remnant vegetation

One of the big answers to so many of the environmental problems we face is ‘plant a tree’. And if you can plant more than one, all the better. Every year, depending on the funding we receive, we plant as many seedlings as possible.

We also provide subsidies to farmers and other landholders to fence off their remnant native bush to prevent stock access. This encourages undergrowth and supports habitat creation for native species, many of which rely on ground cover for feed and protection.

Trees have multiple benefits, including reducing water logging, preventing wind and water erosion, reducing soil compaction, bringing back valuable microbes, providing stock shelter and wind breaks, providing habitat for native species, carbon sequestration, air quality, and generally improving the look and feel of our landscapes. We believe all of these benefits, and more, make it essential to ensure that as many trees are planted and protected as possible.

To make your impact, why not donate to Katanning Landcare and help us plant more trees?  Please click here to Donate Today!

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