Katanning Landcare is always looking for support so we can do more of our important work. Look at our causes below to see how you can get involved.

We are Crowdfunding for red-tailed phascogale conservation! Help us out by donating and spreading the word about it! https://chuffed.org/project/give-rudolph-the-red-tailed-phascogale-a-very-merry-christmas


Rehab work with Katanning Landcare

Donate to Katanning Landcare

By donating to Katanning Landcare, you will support our volunteers to plant trees on cleared and degraded land. It’s through your generosity that we can perform our important work. Your donations matter. As little as $3 will allow a volunteer to plant a native tree.   Though it doesn’t look like much at first, in just a few […]

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Rehab work with Katanning Landcare

Water Security

Water is life, and in Katanning, a dry (and drying) landscape, with climate change and increased variability, it is critical that we learn to secure, store, protect and manage what water we do have. We aim to increase water security in both rural and urban settings, focusing on collection, protection and storage, as well as […]

Rehab work with Katanning Landcare

Sustainable Living

We believe that we can live sustainably at home without losing the quality of life we are accustomed to. We believe that we, the residents, consumers and voters, have power to choose, to change and to make improvements to the way we live, and how that affects the bigger picture. We envision a natural environment […]

Healthy Farms

We recognise that we have only one ‘land’ upon which to balance the need for healthy food production, healthy human populations, and healthy ecosystems for native flora and fauna. We envision thriving towns and communities, with generation after generation of people that know how to live on the land, and pass their knowledge on to […]

Biodiversity & Habitat Protection and Enhancement

We envision a future where all riparian zones within our landscape have been restored. On every farm and every piece of crown land where the clean water runs, we see flourishing native vegetation, connected bush landscapes, and healthy populations of native animals, and we recognise the sights & sounds of a healthy, functioning ecosystem.

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