Professional Services

Katanning Landcare can provide a range of professional environmental consultancy services.

Located in the Great Southern, our knowledge is local and profits are returned to the community via Katanning Landcares varied programs.

Examples of previous consultancy work by Katanning Landcare:

Fauna Trans-locations

Relocating FaunaWhen the Shire of Katanning needed to trans-locate native fauna away from a wetland development site, Katanning Landcare was contracted to ‘make it happen’.

Working with a professional fauna handler, Katanning Landcare undertook all contractual arrangements, coordinated volunteer assistance and handled media. Turtles, frogs and reptiles were all safely recorded and moved out of harms way.

 Indigenous Consultation

Indigenous Consultation

Katanning Landcare coordinated indigenous consultation for the Shire of Katanning for a development site, including identifying and inviting appropriate cultural representatives to an in-field session, and arranging payments.

Katanning Landcare successfully completed the paperwork for the Shire of Katanning to meet their requirements under the Aboriginal Heritage Act (Regulation 10).

Vegetation Surveying

Flora Survey

The Town of Narrogin hired Katanning Landcare to meet their Department of Environmental Regulation clearing license requirements for a contaminated site clean-up.

Katanning Landcare provided field staff to identify, mark and count native vegetation present on the stockpiles to be removed.



Indigenous Heritage Monitors

Indigenous Heritage Monitors

Katanning Landcare provided management of two Aboriginal Heritage Monitors on an excavation site, including pay-roll management and reporting of any finds.

Katanning Landcare provided a liaison role between the Monitors and the Shire of Katanning in regards to site induction training and work scheduling.

 Broombush Brushwood Harvesting

Katanning LandcaP1030925re has local contractors available to harvest and bundle broombush for sale into the brushwood fencing industry.

We can link you with trained field workers and assist with arranging employment agreements.

Contact Katanning Landcare on 9821 4327 or to discuss your environmental consultancy requirements.

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