Our organisation

Katanning Landcare is committed to finding and implementing local solutions to global environmental problems through education, leadership and on-ground action.

Revegetation projects

Working hand-in-hand with the community, Katanning Landcare seeks funding and other resources to equip volunteers and landholders with the necessary tools, materials and knowledge to make real changes to the environment.

The key areas of action for our organisation are

  • Revegetation with local native species
  • Fencing to protect revegetation and remnant vegetation
  • Wetland protection and restoration activities
  • Workshops and events to increase awareness and uptake of sustainable farming and sustainable living practices

These activities are designed to

  • Increase the amount of vegetation in our landscapes which will in turn
    • improve biodiversity and ecosystems
    • improve biodiversity and soil health
    • improve water quality in ephemeral and semi permanent water bodies
    • improve management of weeds and feral pests
  • Create a greater sense of belonging and stewardship in our community of urban, peri-urban and agricultural landholders and land managers
  • Improve the environmental stewardship of agricultural land and food production
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