Composting! Aquaponics! Permaculture!

As part of the Great Southern Sustainable Living Festival, Katanning Landcare held three family-friendly EcoWeek workshops on the last weekend in March on composting, aquaponics and permaculture. Yann Toussaint of Albany led Friday’s workshop, held in Katanning, which compared composting systems.  Participants learned about the different types of composting systems and worm farms so they could […]


Recycle Centre Tour Success

Have you ever wondered where your recycling goes after the yellow-topped wheelie bin is picked up? Have you heard the rumours that ‘it’s all just thrown into landfill’? Katanning Landcare and Kojonup Landcare worked together to organise a tour of the local Warren Blackwood Waste Recycling facility in Kojonup on Wednesday 22nd November. 37 people […]


Were you upset by ‘Trashed’?

Anyone who missed ABC’s Four Corners report “Trashed” last night (07/08/17) can view it here on iview. I think most people who saw it will be outraged, upset by the corruption and dirty play going on behind the scenes of Australia’s trash management. Upset by those profiting from loose regulations, toothless watchdogs, and the environmental […]


10 Week Bin Transformation Excitement!

Promotion of the 10 Week Bin Transformation has begun, and registrations have started flowing in. This whole waste thing might seem like a new buzz, with the ABC TV series War On Waste doing an amazing job of raising awareness of the issue, but it’s something we’ve been chipping away at for a little while […]


Minimise your contributions to landfill waste

TerraCycle is eliminating the idea of waste by recycling the non-recyclable. They offer free recycling programs funded by brands, manufacturers, and retailers around the world to help you collect and recycle your hard-to-recycle waste. To date, over 63 million people are collecting items in 20 countries and have collected billions of pieces of waste, raising […]


You Don’t Have to be a Hippie to Live Off-Grid

Despite the fact that many people are adopting greener, more health-conscious, environmentally friendly lifestyles, there is still a perception that some things are ‘too hard’ and that if you’re going to live a really eco-friendly lifestyle, it’ll mean becoming a tree-hugging-hippie who lives in a little tiny shack foraging for berries. But that’s just not […]


Katanning Off The Grid Solar Buying Club

Selling Western Power may help solve Western Australia’s financial woes but it leaves its customers susceptible to uncertain energy prices in the future. Katanning is ideally suited to adopt solar technology and reduce our reliance on energy supplied by Western Power. The efficiency of solar technology has improved rapidly and the price  for panels reduced […]


Nappy Library – Yep, It’s A Thing!

By: Ella Maesepp I established the Katanning Nappy Library at Katanning Landcare a couple of years ago, to give parents who were unsure about using cloth nappies the opportunity to ‘try before they buy’. I didn’t realise I’d end up using it. In preparing for the birth of Baby #2, we pulled out the stash […]


Where to Recycle those Tricky Items in Katanning

Updated: 17/10/2017 There are some things you should never put in your rubbish bin. And there are things that can’t be accepted in your yellow recycle bin, either. And even still, there are items that you no longer need, but aren’t ready for the trash. As a responsible, environmentally aware citizen, how do you manage […]

Toy library illustration

That’s a Good Idea! Toy Libraries!

Every Mum, Dad, Aunt and Uncle has spent Christmas morning disgorging new toys from packaging that seems to require an engineering degree to battle through – cardboard, twist ties, plastic straps, tape (which go straight in a bin) – then watch the kids play with the toy for 20 minutes before abandoning it for something […]

Ecoweek logo

Are you ready for Katanning EcoWeek?

Katanning Landcare, the Shire of Katanning, Katanning Action Network, Community Resource Centre, and many other volunteers, businesses, and groups have been working hard preparing another year of amazing workshops and events for Katanning EcoWeek 2016! Once again, running in conjunction with The Hidden Treasures of the Great Southern Bloom Festival, Katanning EcoWeek features events and […]


The Hidden Benefits of a Home Vege Garden

I’ve always disliked gardening. I think it’s because I’d kill most things I planted. But when my son came along, I decided to give veggie gardening another go as I felt it was important that he grew up knowing where food comes from. The greenie in me also said I needed to do it, complementing […]

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