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What motivates a farmer to do Landcare work on their property?

The work of fencing off creek lines and bush and planting seedlings can be time-consuming and costly, even with subsidies through grants, and most farmers already have very full schedules for fencing, maintenance and management.

Peter Caldwell says he does it for the future and longevity of his land. “I am a generational farmer. I am not here to use up the land and move on. This land will be handed down, and I want to leave a legacy of more beautiful and productive property.”

A tour around his property shows the pride he, and many farmers like him, feel when they look across paddocks that were once barren of trees, scalded with salt, and devoid of wildlife, now green and full of life.

Trees across a once barren landscape.

Trees across a once barren landscape.

During a site visit to view the completed works for a Landcare funded project “Enthusiastic Eastern Flats” provided through a State NRM Grant project, the Caldwell family’s commitment to Landcare was evident. Over 6km of fence was erected, with more than 60 strainer posts installed, tons of wire strained, existing fences repaired, and hand planting over 8000 seedlings. Hundreds of man-hours were spent completing the project, with contributions from every member of the family.

“I’ve already seen more wildlife, more kangaroos and Carnaby’s Cockatoos, since fencing this area off. The seedlings have really taken off. Soon this area will look as good as the ones we did 15 and 25 years ago. It doesn’t take long to see the change.”

Author: Andrea Salmond

Andrea has been with Katanning Landcare since 2013 and is passionate about equipping people with the tools, skills and resources they need to make positive changes to our environment.

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