Speaker and Conference Services

Katanning Landcare’s knowledgeable team could provide the vibrant energy you need for your next meeting or function! We can speak on a number of topics and customise our message for your function or event.

Guest Speaking

Mainstream Eco-Living


Hear about how Ella has transformed her ‘average’ family into one living a sustainable life – building an off-grid solar passive strawbale house, making the move to an electric car, vege gardening, the (unresolved) battle of compost, waste minimisation and teaching the next generation that it’s normal to be green.

Surviving in the Not-For-Profit World

Jill has been involved with Katanning Landcare since it’s inception 26 years ago, and has learnt a few things along the way about adaptation, maintaining relevance, the importance of good governance and a sense of humour. Jill can share the tips and tricks with your group.

Engaging Young Adults

Ella has published a paper on Engaging the 20 Somethings in Landcare and has presented on the topic to audiences around Australia. Although the primary focus is Landcare, the principles can be applied across a range of fields.

Adult Learning and Personality Styles

Bossing Everyone About

With a background in fitness training, Andrea comes with great understanding about what drives people, motivates change and the value of personality profiling.

Current Projects

Katanning Landcare is involved in many exciting projects and have plenty of stories to tell! Hear the latest triumphs and challenges, learn about the wide range of activities we do and get an insight into todays Landcare.

Group Facilitation

Wetlands Conference 2014

We also offer group facilitation services across a range of industries, leading groups through decision making processes to get a result. We use a range of techniques, are fun, friendly and outcomes-focused.

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