Bridal Creeper – Seven Years and Going Strong

Bridal Creeper is such a monster. It’s a great multiplier, it spreads easily, and it’s got these corms that keep it alive year after year, even if it’s been pulled, eaten or sprayed. In fact, it takes a seven years to kill a single plant, and of course, during that time, it’s still multiplying and […]


Bridal Creeper – Fight Back!

Take care along our roads! Spray contractors are out again, spraying roadsides in West Arthur, Wagin, Woodanilling, Katanning and Dumbleyung for Bridal Creeper infestations. Bridal Creeper is a resilient weed that takes a minimum of 7 years of continuous control to kill a single plant, thanks to its amazing ability to regenerate and spread. It […]

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