You Don’t Have to be a Hippie to Live Off-Grid

Despite the fact that many people are adopting greener, more health-conscious, environmentally friendly lifestyles, there is still a perception that some things are ‘too hard’ and that if you’re going to live a really eco-friendly lifestyle, it’ll mean becoming a tree-hugging-hippie who lives in a little tiny shack foraging for berries. But that’s just not […]


Where to Recycle those Tricky Items in Katanning

Updated: 17/10/2017 There are some things you should never put in your rubbish bin. And there are things that can’t be accepted in your yellow recycle bin, either. And even still, there are items that you no longer need, but aren’t ready for the trash. As a responsible, environmentally aware citizen, how do you manage […]


The Hidden Benefits of a Home Vege Garden

I’ve always disliked gardening. I think it’s because I’d kill most things I planted. But when my son came along, I decided to give veggie gardening another go as I felt it was important that he grew up knowing where food comes from. The greenie in me also said I needed to do it, complementing […]

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