Recycle Centre Tour Success

Have you ever wondered where your recycling goes after the yellow-topped wheelie bin is picked up? Have you heard the rumours that ‘it’s all just thrown into landfill’? Katanning Landcare and Kojonup Landcare worked together to organise a tour of the local Warren Blackwood Waste Recycling facility in Kojonup on Wednesday 22nd November. 37 people […]


Were you upset by ‘Trashed’?

Anyone who missed ABC’s Four Corners report “Trashed” last night (07/08/17) can view it here on iview. I think most people who saw it will be outraged, upset by the corruption and dirty play going on behind the scenes of Australia’s trash management. Upset by those profiting from loose regulations, toothless watchdogs, and the environmental […]


10 Week Bin Transformation Excitement!

Promotion of the 10 Week Bin Transformation has begun, and registrations have started flowing in. This whole waste thing might seem like a new buzz, with the ABC TV series War On Waste doing an amazing job of raising awareness of the issue, but it’s something we’ve been chipping away at for a little while […]

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