Bridal Creeper – Seven Years and Going Strong

Bridal Creeper is such a monster. It’s a great multiplier, it spreads easily, and it’s got these corms that keep it alive year after year, even if it’s been pulled, eaten or sprayed. In fact, it takes a seven years to kill a single plant, and of course, during that time, it’s still multiplying and […]


Gardening for Productivity and Biodiversity – Event Wrap Up

It was such a lovely day on Saturday – a perfect day to be in the garden. And the next best place to be was here, learning about getting the most from your garden. Gardening for Productivity and Biodiversity was a quiet event, with only 8 participants, probably our smallest of all EcoWeek events so far, but […]


Bridal Creeper – Fight Back!

Take care along our roads! Spray contractors are out again, spraying roadsides in West Arthur, Wagin, Woodanilling, Katanning and Dumbleyung for Bridal Creeper infestations. Bridal Creeper is a resilient weed that takes a minimum of 7 years of continuous control to kill a single plant, thanks to its amazing ability to regenerate and spread. It […]


Property Planning Workshop – Event Wrap Up

Twenty-five people from fifteen properties around the South West spent a fruitful Sunday preparing a Property Plan for their properties. With the guidance of Chris Ferreira and Adrian Williams, the group was able to get a strong start into a complex process of considering their property’s strengths and weaknesses, their own vision and goals for the […]


Dot Survey Results – Christmas on Clive 2014

Christmas on Clive was Katanning Landcare’s last social engagement for 2014. This year we introduced ‘Dot Surveys’ at any ‘fetes’ we’ve attend and we have gained a lot of insight from them! Plus, we think they’re FUN! 🙂 Our first Dot Survey was in September at the Eco Fair, where we asked about people’s biggest local environmental concerns, […]


Bridal Creeper Survey Results

Earlier this year we did a quick survey to find out what people knew about Bridal Creeper, and if they felt plant density was changing. Please click on the link below to be redirected to the SurveyMonkey Bridal Creeper survey results page

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