An Environmental Revolution In Your Own Backyard

Located in Katanning WA, our organisation proudly assists people who want to learn about our environment and keen to actively participate in making a positive difference—big and small.  

Our collective goal is to elevate the Shire of Katanning community by connecting farm folks and city folks with the soil, water and air we all share.

Each of our projects and initiatives supports our four overarching pillars: healthy farms, biodiversity & habitat, water security, and sustainable living.

Because of your ongoing support, we’re able to restore and activate local land, organise engaging events, provide sustainable product solutions and offer practical, hands-on advice to those in the Katanning Landcare network.

We invite you to join us in celebrating our region, by protecting its natural, diverse beauty. Elevate and connect by becoming a Katanning Landcare member, donating to our organisation or taking part in our events.

Participating is easy, fun and makes a big difference! 

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We Have Equipment for Hire!

Did you know that Katanning Landcare has a range of landcare, monitoring and education, and event equipment items that you can hire to help you get the job done at a fraction of the cost of other providers? Well it’s true! Our online catalogue details the full list of what’s available, and you can place your order online!

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