Katanning Environmental Nursery grows a wide range of native seedlings in our local area, available to you for purchase. Native seedling online orders are invoiced separately and are subject to availability. Once you place your order online, we will be in touch. Native seedlings are grown in trays of 60. For orders of 30 seedings, a labour surcharge is applicable. Katanning Environmental Nursery is a local nursery, providing plants within South West Australia only.

Fodder Plants

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ImageSpeciesCommon NameSoil TypeTolerancePriceBuyMore Informationhf:att:pa_soil-typehf:att:pa_tolerance
Atriplex amnicola
Atriplex amnicolaRiver or Swamp saltbush, $0.65$5.00
| Habit: Shrub | Height: 0.3-1.7mclay sandysalt-tolerant
Atriplex nummularia "De Kock"
Atriplex nummularia "De Kock"Old Man Saltbush, , $0.65$5.00| Habit: Shrub | Height: 1-3mclay loam sandysalt-tolerant
Atriplex semibaccata
Atriplex semibaccataCreeping Saltbush, , $0.65$5.00
| Habit: Prostrate | Height: 0.1-0.5mclay laterite sandy-loamsalt-tolerant
Chamaecytisus palmensis
Chamaecytisus palmensisTagasaste, , $0.65$5.00
| Habit: Shrub | Flower Colour: Cream, White | Flower Time: Autumn, Spring | Height: …laterite loam sandy
Maireana brevifolia
Maireana brevifoliaSmall Leaf Bluebush$0.65$5.00
| Habit: Shrub | Flower Colour: Pink, White | Flower Time: Autumn, Summer | Height: …varietysalt-tolerant
Rhagodia baccata
Rhagodia baccataBerry Salt Bush$0.65$5.00
| Habit: Shrub | Height: 0.5-2msandyneeds-good-drainage
Rhagodia drummondii
Rhagodia drummondiiLake-fringe Rhagodia, $0.65$5.00
| Habit: Shrub | Height: 0.1-1.5mclay sandysalt-tolerant
Rhagodia preissii
Rhagodia preissiiSoft Salt Bush, , $0.65$5.00
| Habit: Shrub | Height: 0.5-3.5mgravel loam sandysalt-tolerant