The following plants have been found to provide some degree of protection during bushfires. Many of these don’t easily catch alight or burn very slowly. Good management of your bushland is imperative to maintain the effectiveness of these plants as a fire-retardant barrier – weed and debris management is essential around your plants.

It should go without saying that this information is general in nature, and no plant is completely fire-proof. Everything will burn if it is hot enough and dry enough.

Please note: Katanning Environmental Nursery is a local nursery, providing plants within the south-west of Western Australia only.

Revegetation Plants – Fire Retardant

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ImageSpeciesCommon NameSoil TypeUsePriceBuyMore Informationhf:att:pa_soil-typehf:att:pa_use
Acacia cyclops
Acacia cyclopsDune wattle$0.66$5.00
| Habit: Shrub | Flower Colour: Yellow | Flower Time: Spring/Winter | Height: 1-2msandyrevegetation
Acacia saligna
Acacia salignaGolden Wreath Wattle, , $0.66$5.00
| Habit: Tree | Flower Colour: Yellow | Flower Time: Spring, Winter | Height: 1.5-6mgravel loam sandyrevegetation
Atriplex nummularia "De Kock"
Atriplex nummularia "De Kock"Old Man Saltbush, , , $0.66$5.00
| Habit: Shrub | Height: 1-3mclay loam sandyfodder revegetation
Atriplex semibaccata
Atriplex semibaccataCreeping Saltbush, , , $0.66$5.00
| Habit: Prostrate | Height: 0.1-0.5mclay laterite sandy-loamfodder revegetation
Casuarina obesa
Casuarina obesaSwamp Sheoak, $0.66$5.00
| Habit: Tree | Height: 1.5-10mclay sandyrevegetation
Corymbia maculata
Corymbia maculataSpotted Gum, $1.21$5.00
| Habit: Tree | Flower Colour: White | Flower Time: Winter | Height: 10-35mvarietylandscaping-plant revegetation
Eucalyptus spathulata
Eucalyptus spathulataSwamp Mallet, , $0.66$5.00
| Habit: Tree | Flower Colour: White | Flower Time: Summer | Height: up to …clay loam sandyrevegetation
Kennedia prostrata
Kennedia prostrataRunning Postman, $0.66$5.00
| Habit: Ground Cover | Flower Colour: Red | Flower Time: Spring, Winter | Height: …varietylandscaping-plant revegetation
Maireana brevifolia
Maireana brevifoliaSmall Leaf Bluebush, $0.66$5.00
| Habit: Shrub | Flower Colour: Pink, White | Flower Time: Autumn, Summer | Height: …varietyfodder revegetation