This sophisticated piece of site preparation machinery just needs to be hitched to the back of your ute or tractor. Give your revegetation site the once over and it will make planting your seedlings so much easier!

An economical and versatile mounder suitable for general purpose use. The modular design allows the ripper or mounder units to be used separately or in tandem. Katanning Landcare’s Ripper Mounder requires a tractor with three-point-linkage, 50-70 hp recommended (use of a more powerful tractor could result in damage to the equipment).

To be operated at a walking pace (3-4kph) for mounding. Slower when ripping. Ensure ripper-mounder is fully lifted before reversing. For ideal results, rip only first, then mound each line twice. Before use and before returning, please wash down to remove all dirt or vegetable matter to avoid spreading or receiving others’ weeds.