Recycle Centre Tour Success

Have you ever wondered where your recycling goes after the yellow-topped wheelie bin is picked up? Have you heard the rumours that ‘it’s all just thrown into landfill’? Katanning Landcare and Kojonup Landcare worked together to organise a tour of the local Warren Blackwood Waste Recycling facility in Kojonup on Wednesday 22nd November. 37 people […]


Were you upset by ‘Trashed’?

Anyone who missed ABC’s Four Corners report “Trashed” last night (07/08/17) can view it here on iview. I think most people who saw it will be outraged, upset by the corruption and dirty play going on behind the scenes of Australia’s trash management. Upset by those profiting from loose regulations, toothless watchdogs, and the environmental […]


Minimise your contributions to landfill waste

TerraCycle is eliminating the idea of waste by recycling the non-recyclable. They offer free recycling programs funded by brands, manufacturers, and retailers around the world to help you collect and recycle your hard-to-recycle waste. To date, over 63 million people are collecting items in 20 countries and have collected billions of pieces of waste, raising […]


Where to Recycle those Tricky Items in Katanning

Updated: 17/10/2017 There are some things you should never put in your rubbish bin. And there are things that can’t be accepted in your yellow recycle bin, either. And even still, there are items that you no longer need, but aren’t ready for the trash. As a responsible, environmentally aware citizen, how do you manage […]


Milk without the Plastic. Hopefully?

Milk. Our family goes through eight litres of the stuff every week. Although I love that my family gets plenty of milk, I hate the milk bottles. Each week, my recycling bag is bigger than my rubbish bag and it’s milk bottles that take up most the space. There are only so many bailers, diggers, […]


What is the Point of the Cereal Box?

Most of us do it each morning without thinking – open the cardboard cereal box, open the inner plastic liner, pour out our cereal, fold the inner liner over, close the box and put it back on the shelf. Looking at my recycling bin, the cardboard cereal box makes quite a regular appearance. But why […]

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