Katanning EcoWeek & EcoExchanges

Katanning Landcare is passionate about Sustainable Living

There is a growing understanding that ‘saving the environment’ is no longer just the realm of planting trees, government / corporate decisions or alternative lifestylers, but also heavily tied to each individuals’ day-to-day living choices. Sustainable Living is about making lifestyle choices to reduce an individual’s or society’s use of the Earth’s natural resources.

Internationally, sustainable living is becoming more mainstream, as people from all walks of life are turning to a lighter lifestyle, driven by a combination of greater understanding about environmental issues, intrinsic desires to do what is right and seeking a sense of connection and community with like-minded people.

A diverse range of programs at global, national and local levels such as Transition Towns and Sustainable House Day along with countless others, including a growing range of Sustainable Living Festivals, have increased the capacity and attractiveness for people to connect with sustainable living philosophies and practices.

Katanning Landcare, the Shire of Katanning, and the Great Southern Development Commission have brought Katanning EcoWeek to the community since 2013, offering Sustainable Living programs, events and education opportunities to Katanning through workshops, festivals and more.

In 2018 we developed the idea of “EcoExchanges” – a platform where wonderful ideas with an environment and sustainability theme are introduced to a large  audience with the aim of inspiring them into action, offering the sharing of resources and ideas, and connecting people to one another… so they can exchange ideas for action!

Solar Power

Want to go solar?

More and more people are turning to solar power, but many hold back due to a number of questions. What are my options? How much does it cost? Is it difficult? How do I go off-grid? How can I be sure I don’t get ripped off?

Start here!

We’ve spoken to people in Katanning who have chosen a variety of solar options. Learn about their experiences and let us help you get started on your own solar journey!

Solar Energy Installation in Katanning


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Harvesting Rain Water

In a drying climate, increasing population and demand, and rising water prices, how do you keep the bills low and still provide the water you need for your home? Of course, reducing water consumption with smart choices is the best place to start. And after that, collecting rainwater for use around the home and garden.

Where do I begin?

Learn what a few Katanning residents have done in town to get their water bills under control and reduce dependency on scheme water.

Rainwater System Installation in Katanning


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Food Security

Ensuring our home and community’s food security, reducing food miles, food waste, over-packaging and sourcing healthy, affordable foods locally seems pretty challenging, especially with only one grocery store in town. But there are a huge number small things each of us can do to make better choices for our families.

Explore the solutions in your own back yard

In our video, we talk with a number of residents who are tackling food security in both traditional and unique ways. Have a quick look through and see what small steps you can take today to make a big impact!

Local Food Production and Supply in Katanning


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Resources about waste

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Waste Recycle
Eco Resources

Environmental management is the name of our game.

From implementing classic community Landcare activities, to undertaking water quality monitoring, to strategic land management planning and consultation, our staff have the qualifications and experience for all of your environmental management needs.

This is where we put our heading

When the Shire of Katanning needed to translocate native fauna away from a wetland development site, we were contracted to ‘make it happen’. Working with a professional fauna handler and community volunteers, we made sure that turtles, frogs and reptiles were all safely recorded and moved out of harms way.

Need assistance with native wildlife? We can:

  • Undertake wildlife monitoring
  • Undertake translocations
  • Develop wildlife management plans
  • Advise in future planning for wildlife corridors for threatened species
  • Coordinate volunteer assistance and facilitate inter agency collaboration – we have the hook up!

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