Meet The Katanning Landcare Team

Katanning Landcare (Katanning LCDC), and its sister organisation, Katanning Environmental Inc. (KEInc), are managed by a volunteer committee with exceptional skills and experience, and also has a talented team of staff to operate its various undertakings. This vast array of talent makes Katanning Landcare unique and successful with our environmental endeavours.

Each member of our team is active in the Katanning community, working to enhance and protect our beautiful region.

Looking to join one of our environmental projects or have a question? Please get in touch on (08) 9821 4327.

Sally Williams

Executive Finance Officer

Sally has over 15 years of experience in professional roles, including sales, marketing, accounting, administration and project management. She is passionate about the environment & conservation, and very much looks forward to contributing to the Landcare team as your first point of contact.

Responsible for Human Resources, Finance and Administrative oversight for both Katanning Landcare and Katanning Environmental. Phone: 9821 4327 Ext. 2 or email:

Ella Maesepp

Ella Maesepp

Landcare Officer

Ella Maesepp (BSc (Hons) Env Sc) has been working as a Landcare Officer in the Upper Blackwood since 2003, currently as the Landcare Officer with Katanning. Over these years she has brought more than $3.6 million in grant money to the district, and since starting with Katanning Landcare in 2006, has been involved in the delivery of over 900,000 trees, 450km of fences and establishment of over 700 ha of perennial pastures. Her major projects have included the Upper Coblinine Catchment Demonstration Initiative, Lake Ewylamartup Restoration and the Saline Bush Foods project. She won both the West Australian and National Young Landcare Leader Awards in 2015-16, and served on the Australian Landcare Council 2011-2013.

Responsible for project management, with the landmark Bush Tucker Project as a key focus. Available most Mondays and Thursdays.

Amber Bateup

Landcare Officer

Amber is a passionate environmental steward, raised in the Wheatbelt with a background in photography and a degree in Environmental Science. Amber has a specific interest in rehabilitating degraded ecosystems, sustainable communities, and Permaculture design.

Responsible for Project delivery.  Email:

Annabel Paulley

Landcare Officer

Annabel has run a 160 acre organic farm in the Broomehill area for the past 12 years, including Merino sheep, cropping & native vegetation plantings for wildlife habitat, windbreaks & biodiversity. Annabel is very keen to help farmers access funding to improve their operations.

Responsible for Project delivery.  Email:

Jeremy Kowald

Chairman Katanning LCDC

Jeremy is a local generational farmer in Katanning, who has been active with Katanning Landcare through his parents projects in the past, and now with his own.

Andrew Gibbons

Deputy Chairman Katanning LCDC

Andrew "Gibbo" Gibbons is a local community member who has been a LCDC member for several years. He became our Deputy Chairperson at the 2023 AGM.

Matthew Collis

Chairman of KEInc

Matt is a keen volunteer and has been active with Katanning Landcare and our sister organisation, Katanning Environmental Inc, where he holds the position of Chairman.

The Committee

Katanning LCDC Gazetted Members

Katanning Landcare is managed by a volunteer committee of 12 Gazetted Members of the Katanning Land Conservation District Committee.

These dedicated volunteers bring experience from a range of backgrounds, from financial and administrative services, to government, and farming and environmental backgrounds.

The varied skills mean that our committee is involved, and in touch with a wide number of other concerns and touch-points across our region and further afield, ensuring that we have excellent guidance on a range of topics.

Gazetted Members:

  • Stephen Barrett
  • Matt Collis
  • John Paul Collins
  • Mitch Davies
  • Norman Flugge
  • Greg Garlick
  • Andrew Gibbons (Deputy Chairperson)
  • Tim Harris
  • Bev Kowald
  • Xylina King
  • Jeremy Kowald (Chairperson)

We have one member position vacant.

The Committee

Katanning Environmental Inc Committee Members

Katanning Environmental Inc. is managed by a volunteer committee of 6 members.

Committee Members:

  • Matt Collis (Chairman)
  • Andrew Gibbons (Deputy Chairman)
  • Amber Bateup (Secretary)
  • Jeremy Kowald
  • Tim Harris
  • John Paul Collins

KEInc is responsible for the environmentally-based Social Enterprise Katanning Environmental Container Cash In