Professional Services

We have decades of experience in local environmental management, agriculture, sustainable living and community engagement.

And this combined knowledge and experience is available to you at competitive prices. Not only that, our first priority is giving back to our community, so all proceeds are invested in local projects and other local businesses!

See our Professional Services Prospectus for a full list of our services.

Professional Services

Investing in our community and supporting local business

Environment Services

Environmental management is the name of our game.

From implementing classic community Landcare activities, to undertaking water quality monitoring, to strategic land management planning and consultation, our staff have the qualifications and experience for all of your environmental management needs.

Living with Native Wildlife

When the Shire of Katanning needed to translocate native fauna away from a wetland development site, we were contracted to ‘make it happen’. Working with a professional fauna handler and community volunteers, we made sure that turtles, frogs and reptiles were all safely recorded and moved out of harms way.

Need assistance with native wildlife? We can:

  • Undertake wildlife monitoring
  • Undertake translocations
  • Develop wildlife management plans
  • Advise in future planning for wildlife corridors for threatened species
  • Coordinate volunteer assistance and facilitate inter agency collaboration – we have the hook up!

Vegetation Surveying & Management

The Town of Narrogin hired us to advise and assist them to meet their Department of Environmental Regulation clearing license requirements for a contaminated site clean-up. We provided field staff to identify, mark and count native vegetation present on the stockpiles to be removed, resulting in a great outcome for the Shire and the environment.

Need help with vegetation surveying, monitoring and management? We can:

  • Design and undertake field vegetation surveys
  • Provide management recommendations for native vegetation
  • Advise on introduced vegetation management
  • Facilitate agency and community interaction
  • Design and implement monitoring and management plans

Broombush Brushwood Harvesting

We have local contractors available to harvest and bundle broombush for sale into the brushwood fencing industry. We can:

  • Link you with trained field workers and assist with arranging employment agreements
  • Provide industry advice, insight and contacts
  • Source seedlings
  • Provide site preparation, planting and management advice
Broombush Brushwood Harvesting

Revegetation planning

Have a big revegetation project coming up and need some advice and assistance? Or do you want to do something to improve the vegetation on your property but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you have a clearing offset area to establish.

We can help! We can:

  • Identify appropriate sites for revegetation
  • Advise on the species and density required
  • Assist you in liaison and collaboration with relevant stakeholders
Nursery & Garden Services

With our shared knowledge and experience, we can provide you with all the advice you need for a fraction of the cost of celebrity gardeners.

Katanning Environmental Nursery

As part of our newest venture, we now grow local native plants right here in Katanning!

Check out the range of species and price list via our online ordering system here, to help you plan for your next revegetation or native gardening project.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure if it’s a big order or you want obscure species, you need to get in touch with us well in advance of November to avoid disappointment. We need time to source the seed stock.

Our Nursery is located at 8 Curlew Street, Katanning.

IMPORTANT: Please note that we are a wholesale nursery only and as such we are not open to the public. Please direct all general enquiries via our online enquiry form. Thanks!

Katanning Environmental Nursery