A new report has been released by Katanning Landcare, exploring from a farmers perspective the types of support needed to help prepare for a drying climate.

Taking a different approach, instead of simply providing information on drought management strategies, a series of four workshop events asked farmers directly what it is they feel they need to be able to equip their enterprises and communities for a future with less regular rainfall, and more episodic events.

“Farmers understand the pressures of decreasing rainfall, and are experienced in managing water on their properties,” said Ella Maesepp, Senior Landcare Officer, “so it makes sense to harvest what they’ve been thinking and needing, and use that to guide how drought resilience support should be tailored in the future.”

The responses from over 40 participant landholders and community members fell into six clear categories – New Technologies, Evaporation Management, Expert Advice and Information, Finance, Farming Systems and Climate Action.


Download a copy of the report in PDF format by clicking HERE

Contact and Further Information:

  • Katanning Landcare Centre, 10 Dore St Katanning, 9821 4327
  • Ella Maesepp BSc (Hons) Env Sc:, Senior Landcare Officer, ella@katanninglandcare.org.au