Water Security Australia

Water is life, and in Katanning WA, the dry—and drying—landscape makes water security even more important. The annual rainfall in Western Australia is decreasing by 3mm on average annually while the months with rainfall over 200 mm has halved. Overall, the temperature has increased by 1°C and this has led to a drier soil and vegetation. This means that more water is lost to evaporation instead of running off to aquifers, lakes, rivers, and dams.

As rainfall and streamflow are predicted to decline further, water security will be a pressing concern for the WA community. Katanning Landcare aims to teach people how to secure, store, protect and manage what water we do have.

Helping Farmers Have Their Say On Support Needed For Drought

By |2024-05-23T09:27:19+08:00May 23rd, 2024|Healthy Farms, Home Feature, Our Stories, Water Security|

A new report has been released by Katanning Landcare, exploring from a farmers perspective the types of support needed to help prepare for a drying climate. [...]

Dam Covers & Enhanced Dams Field Day

By |2024-02-16T14:53:09+08:00February 16th, 2024|Events and Workshops, Healthy Farms, Home Feature, Our Stories, Water Security|

DAM COVERS & ENHANCED DAMS FIELD DAY 9:30AM Thursday 14 March 2024 MARK YOUR CALENDARS! We've been busy trialing the use of dam covers to reduce [...]

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