Did you see our display at the Woolorama this year?
The Landcare Woolorama Team

The Landcare Woolorama Team

  Here are the top three answers to each of the dot survey questions about water from our Dot Survey at Woolorama 2016.  

Which water management strategies do you think provide the biggest improvements to farm productivity?

  1. Managing saline/waterlogged areas in productive ways
  2. Planting trees in strategic locations
  3. Increasing surface water harvesting

Which of the following water quality concerns are most important to you?

  1. Salinity
  2. Rainwater/catchment water availability for domestic, stock water and irrigation purposes
  3. Groundwater health

Which of the following activities should Landcare groups focus on to improve water quality and quantity in the region?

  1. Support on-farm water management programs through education and through seeking access to grants programs
  2. Supporting total catchment management programs, as well as seeking financial resources for communities through grants programs
  3. Promotion of water efficiency programs to reduce demand on freshwater resources
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