Thank you so much to all the people, all 144 of you, who have come down to Piesse Lake and contributed to the nearly 300 hours of volunteer labour that has made Piesse Lake come alive! And that doesn’t even count all the people working the in the background, making afternoon teas and organising other logistics, or the Shire’s extra help with the earthworks, watering, and materials! The whole community has really gotten behind making this lake a beautiful and natural oasis, and we can’t thank you enough! In fact, we are ahead of schedule! Let’s keep up the pace! The sooner it’s done, the sooner we get to enjoy the fruits of our labours! Here are a few photos of the last few sessions at the lake, and I thought I’d show a few shots of different areas getting transformed: the top of the rain garden, the bottom of the rain garden and the shoreline. Is your smiling face in these photos?   Thank you seems inadequate… you are all so amazing! What a community! What a team!