Map revegetation area on my property


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  1. Click and drag on the map to find your property and zoom in using theleaflet_zoom_inleaflet_zoom_outicons or use your mouse scroll wheel.
  2. Click on the Area toolleaflet_draw_polygonand start drawing your revegetation (you can draw multiple areas). Click once to change direction. Click twice to end the drawing.
  3. Please do not use the Line leaflet_draw_polyline or Point leaflet_draw_marker tool for your revegetation.
  4. An area can be modified by clicking on the Edit tool leaflet_draw_editor deleted by clicking the Delete tool leaflet_draw_delete and then clicking on the feature you want deleted. Be sure to click Save to the left of the tool bar icon after editing or deleting.
  5. Fill out the form below the map and SUBMIT.

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