Donate to Katanning Landcare

By donating to Katanning Landcare, you will support our volunteers to plant trees on cleared and degraded land.

It’s through your generosity that we can perform our important work.

Rehab work with Katanning Landcare

Your donations matter.

As little as $3 will allow a volunteer to plant a native tree.

3-Kennedy trees 1

6-Potter Saltbush Community Planting 3

4-Kennedy trees 3  5-photo 2

Though it doesn’t look like much at first, in just a few years, the difference is clear.

Mal Beecks seedlings from 2009

  Garlicks NTD site near the lake inlet, 3 years on. 

The land is recovering, and beautiful!
And is home to birds, and insects and other native animals that need these trees.

You can help make this happen, and make a lasting difference to the earth.

Your donations will help transform our natural environment.

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