Jill Richardson

Landcare Centre Manager

Adrian and Jill Richardson Feb2016Jill Richardson is a name synonymous with Landcare in Western Australia, as she has dedicated a quarter of a century to promoting the Landcare ethic and leading by example. Thanks to Jill, Landcare in Katanning, the South West Region and WA is stronger and more connected.

Jill is one of the driving forces behind the success of the Katanning Landcare, using her skills, expertise, focus, practicality and sense of humour to benefit Landcare in Katanning for the past 18 years professionally, and volunteer time before that. She ensures accountability, good governance and leads the group through periods of evolution as circumstances change. Her skills and passion are what have kept Katanning Landcare alive and thriving even in difficult times.

Jill is very active within Landcare circles, both locally and nationally. She is the inaugural chair of the WA Landcare Network, and has played an important role in other groups, such as the Blackwood Basin Group, South West Catchments Council, Tidy Towns Committee, National Landcare Network, Katanning Wildflower Group, and more.

Jill is the 2015 WA Landcare Awards winner of the ‘Australian Government Landcare Facilitator or Coordinator’ award, and she and her husband were finalists in the 2016 GSDC Medal awards, which celebrates best practice in the management of natural resources for their work on their home farm.

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