Before the Flood

I just watched National Geographic and Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie “Before the Flood” today, and I have to tell you, it was hard to watch. Probably almost as hard as watching Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” from 10 or more years ago (which, by the way, I avoided watching until just a year or two ago […]


National Landcare Conference 2016

By: Ella Maesepp On September 22 and 23 2016, I attended the National Landcare Conference in Melbourne. For those who weren’t there – here are the key messages I got from the amazing array of speakers! 2016 was my fourth National Landcare Conference, with each having its own distinct vibe: * Adelaide 2010: “We’ve lost our mojo, […]


Canopy Cover

Before the onset of climate change 25% canopy cover of a townscape was considered adequate to maintain livability. Scientists now consider 40% to 45% canopy cover essential for livability. Worldwide, cities have recognised that to maintain livability they must increase canopy cover. Major tree planting programmes are in place. Toronto planted 40,000 trees last year with a […]


Changing WA, One Rooftop at a Time

Yesterdays announcement by WA Minister for Energy The Hon Mike Nahan MLA brought high fives, big smiles and a dinnertime toast to our household last night. ( ) Why? Because the WA State Government will soon be commencing the shut-down of some coal fired power stations in the South West Interconnected System (SWIS) electricity grid. […]


Katanning’s Liveability

A town’s liveability is directly related to the amount of good quality green spaces available to its citizens. This is not just green expanses of playing fields, but connected easily accessible green spaces with multiple uses that offer many positive outcomes for a town’s population. Benefits of green spaces include: Improved mental health of citizens and a […]

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