Tree Lined Streets (Armadale)Before the onset of climate change 25% canopy cover of a townscape was considered adequate to maintain livability. Scientists now consider 40% to 45% canopy cover essential for livability.

Worldwide, cities have recognised that to maintain livability they must increase canopy cover. Major tree planting programmes are in place. Toronto planted 40,000 trees last year with a further 3.8 million to be planted over the next 10 years.

What can we as citizens of Katanning do to give our town a future?

Without rapid intervention Katanning will not be a pleasant place to live and this will impact on all citizens especially the business community. Here’s a few of the things you can do:
  1. Ask our Shire Council about their Climate Change policy.
  2. Provide input to develop strategies to implement change.
  3. Survey your local area for amount of canopy cover and pass this information to the Shire.
  4. Initiate discussions with neighbours, friends and business partners.
  5. Look at your yard, and explore how could it be improved.
  6. Adopt an area and come up with a plan to increase canopy cover.
  7. Volunteer some time to improve your streetscape. Our Shire council cannot make the necessary changes without your support.
Community Clean Up

Community Clean Up

  If you want to have a comfortable and green future in Katanning act now to make your community more liveable!