This year has been a big year for Katanning Landcare. As our 25th year of operation came along, it seemed an appropriate time to reflect back on the accomplishments of the past quarter of a century. Ella pored through the archives and found out just what the group had managed to do, and was astonished! 25 Year Snapshot No small feat for such a small group in a regional town! Based on these results, the group was encouraged to nominate for a few awards, and were proud to be winners and finalists in different awards ceremonies. First, in September, Ella Maesepp became the 2015 Western Australian Landcare Awards Manpower Young Landcare Leader winner.
Ella Maesepp - Young Landcare Leader 2015

Ella Maesepp – Young Landcare Leader 2015

  And Jill Richardson won the 2015 Western Australian Landcare Awards Australian Government Landcare Facilitator or Coordinator.
Jill Richardson - Landcare Facilitator

Jill Richardson – Landcare Facilitator 2015

  In early November, we attended the Western Australian Regional Achievement and Community Awards, having made it to a finalist position in the Landcorp Sustainability category.

Ella Maesepp, Andrea Salmond, Jill Richardson, Scott Newbey

  I think we all felt humbled to be in a room full of people who get up every morning and make a difference in their world. It was an honour to be amongst those who make the place they live a better place to live in whichever ways they can. Here’s our one minute finalist video that played at the Awards night.