So, you put in an Expression of Interest (EOI) and we applied for some funding for you. After many months of waiting, we find out that your site has been successful! Congratulations! That is wonderful news! Now begins the ‘active’ phase of a project! This is where we actually get to make an environmental impact!! But what happens next? Here’s what to expect if your EOI was successfully funded.

The Basic Paperwork Stuff:

There's always paperwork to be done!

There’s always paperwork to be done!

  1. Katanning Landcare will contact you to confirm you are still interested in doing the project and outline the general conditions.
  2. An “On-Ground Works Agreement” will be sent to you outlining the project deliverables – number of seedlings, length of fence, deadline for completion, funding, and other conditions.
  3. If you are happy to proceed with the terms, you should initial, sign, date and return the “On-Ground Works Agreement”. You can then get started on your project!

Fencing Projects:

That's a great strainer post!

That’s a great strainer post!

  1. Once you have an agreement (and not before, because we can’t guarantee funding until an agreement is in place), you can get started on your fence. – All fences must meet the minimum standard, but you are welcome to build it better than minimum standard! – You will receive funding for your fence after completion. No upfront funding can be provided.
  2. Once completed, contact us at Katanning Landcare to come do a site inspection. – We will take a photo and GPS reading at each strainer post/change of direction of fence. – The site inspection must be done with you, and in your own vehicle, as Katanning Landcare do not access properties without the landholder present, and cannot go off-road. – We can come out as soon as you are done your fence, so you are welcome to call us as soon as you have finished.
  3. After the inspection, we will then upload the photos and GPS readings into the computer to ensure everything matches the EOI and funding conditions and can be properly reported on to the funder.
  4. You will then receive a “Completed Works Inspection” form that will confirm the details and ask you for an invoice to be sent to us. – Once we get the invoice, and it has been processed, payment will be made to you via cheque or direct deposit.

Revegetation Projects:

From little things, big things grow!

From little things, big things grow!

  1. If your project includes seedlings, you can get started on your site preparation – weed control and ripping and mounding are common tasks. (More on site preparation in a future post.)
  2. A seedling order form will be sent to you for you to make a selection for your site. We are happy to help with this process, or if you are confident with your species needs, you can make these choices yourself.
  3. Seedling orders will be placed and paid for directly to the nursery.
  4. Once the seedlings are ready for collection, you will be notified by us or the tree nursery. – Transportation to your planting site is your responsibility. – Please note that due to the variable nature of native seedlings, your exact selection may not be available. Suitable replacements will be made to ensure you get the right number of appropriate seedlings for your revegetation project.
  5. Planting occurs, generally, in June and July, and occasionally into August, depending on rainfall. You can plant by hand, with a pottiputki (available for hire from our office) or using a planting machine.
  6. Once planting has been completed, give us a call and we’ll come out for a site inspection. We’ll take a few photos of your little seedlings poking their heads up so we can report on the completed works with the funder.
And, if you think of it, we would love to see photos of your activity in action!   – Did you get the family out to put up the fence?   – Maybe you had a bit of a busy bee for planting?   – Was there mud up to your knees? We’d love to see great photos of your site getting transformed! Planting Day If you have any other questions relating to funding through Katanning Landcare, please get in touch with us!