Piesse Lake-Over is Going Strong

Thank you so much to all the people, all 144 of you, who have come down to Piesse Lake and contributed to the nearly 300 hours of volunteer labour that has made Piesse Lake come alive! And that doesn’t even count all the people working the in the background, making afternoon teas and organising other […]


Perfume Princess

A heavy dusky perfume wafts through the bushland announcing that the sandalwood Santalum spicatum is blooming.   This much sought after native was one of the first exports from the colony of Western Australia. Sandalwood is a small shrubby tree to 4 metres with thick fleshy pale green leaves. Like Mistletoe, Sandalwood relies on host […]


Growing Partners

Unlike true plants lichen are not single organisms but a symbiosis or partnership between a fungus, an algae and/or cyanobacteria.   Fungus don’t contain chlorophyll to photosynthesise and make carbohydrates. Some fungi have taken to farming green algae for carbohydrate and cyanobacteria for nitrogen. The algal bacteria (photobionts) are protected within the body of the fungus called the Thallus. The Thallus is composed […]


Mistletoe Magic

Usually Mistletoe is associated with the Christmas season in the northern hemisphere. Many people don’t realise that we have over  90 species of Mistletoe in Australia, and the largest and most spectacular is the Western Australian Christmas tree Nuytsia floribunda. Long revered by Aboriginal people as the spirit tree,  Nuytsia is the only Mistletoe that grows in the ground. […]

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