Promotion of the 10 Week Bin Transformation has begun, and registrations have started flowing in. This whole waste thing might seem like a new buzz, with the ABC TV series War On Waste doing an amazing job of raising awareness of the issue, but it’s something we’ve been chipping away at for a little while now. The timing for the launch of the 10 Week Bin Transformation (or 10WBT for short) couldn’t be sweeter! Back in late summer 2016, Katanning Landcare created the idea of the 10 Week Bin Transformation and applied for funding from the Waste Authority of WA to make it happen. Fortunately, the Waste Authority saw what we had. A program that recognised that changing habits doesn’t happen with a single workshop, which can be overwhelming, or by trying to do something alone. Waste production is a result of bad habits, that we all fall into, and giving up the garbage needed to be treated like breaking other bad habits – think weight loss, or smoking. 10WBT is about creating gradual change. One topic per week for 10 weeks. One thing at a time. With support along the way – skilled mentoring and peer-group interaction through Facebook. And being able to do it when it suits you. Being online, you can open your email and join the conversations when it suits you – after the kids are in bed perhaps? Or on the train on the way to work? (We’ve even sub-titled the videos so you can sneakily watch them in silence…!) Since we got the announcement of successful funding in winter 2016, we’ve been building this program for you. Creating the content has been quite an undertaking – everything from compiling task lists and information to designing kids activity sheets. We’ve been filming and editing videos (you should see the bloopers! Thanks to all the good sports who got involved:) ). Preparing logos and promotions. Building website pages. Discussing with suppliers. Reviewing, revising, making it as perfect as possible – ready for you. Then War On Waste exploded onto our screens and into our everyday conversations. BRILLIANT! And we’ve upped our expected 10WBT participant numbers as a result and done some more reviews on how we’re going to successfully deliver to even more people! It’s so exciting to see this project, which is so close to my heart, come to life. We launch this EcoWeek – 19th September to be exact. With EcoWeek 2017s theme ‘Out of the Bin’, zero-waste guru Lindsay Miles appearing at the EcoFair and everyone talking rubbish, the 10 Week Bin Transformation is going to go off! Have you signed up yet?