How To Reduce Waste With The 10 Week Bin Transformation

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Are you looking for a way to help your local residents or employees to reduce their waste output? Katanning Landcare can deliver the 10 Week Bin Transformation to your group – anywhere in Australia!

Reducing the amount of rubbish sent to landfill is about breaking old habits and forming new ones. Going “cold turkey” is hard – that’s why this program is about taking it one small step at a time instead, helping people make changes AND stick with them.

Over 10 weeks, we’ll help your residents or employees to tackle major categories of domestic waste – one at a time. We’ll support them with expert mentoring and help them to drop the size of their bin without compromising on their lifestyle. The program is online, so your participants can access it at a time and place that suits them.

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What We Provide:

  • Logos and online material to support your promotions
  • The 10 Week Bin Transformation weekly email and video tutorials
  • An exclusive Facebook page, with expert mentoring
  • Processing and delivery of free sample products (optional)
  • Collection of data on waste reduction achievements by participants
  • Low Waste Shopping Tours or other face-to-face workshops (additional fees apply – please enquire)

What You Do:

  • Choose a suitable 10-week period for your area or organisation
  • Attract and sign-up your participants
  • Provide a local ‘expert’. eg Waste Education Officer to work alongside our mentor on the Facebook page, giving local support to participants
  • Enjoy knowing that you’re helping to cut waste!
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Participants report halving their waste – or better!

(compared to before they joined the program)

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