Bridal Creeper is such a monster. It’s a great multiplier, it spreads easily, and it’s got these corms that keep it alive year after year, even if it’s been pulled, eaten or sprayed. In fact, it takes a seven years to kill a single plant, and of course, during that time, it’s still multiplying and we have to deal with all its babies! So, we’re pretty proud of the amazing progress we’ve managed to make over the last seven years, with many areas well under control and only needing spot spraying from time-to-time. In 2017, we had eight participating shires in the Bridal Creeper Roadside Spraying Program:
  • Narrogin
  • West Arthur
  • Wagin
  • Dumbleyung
  • Kojonup
  • Katanning
  • Woodanilling
  • Kent
Through funding from the State Natural Resource Management Office, we were able to coordinate the professional spraying of 4400 kilometres of rural roads across these shires – not including the Main Roads, which were sprayed through Main Roads own funding. Since 2011, we’ve covered more and more ground and are making more and more headway against this weed. But more work always needs to be done. Keep an eye out for Bridal Creeper on your property and get rid of it as soon as possible. And report sightings of Bridal Creeper in roadsides and reserves to your local Landcare officers to ensure that they get managed. Together we are making big impacts!

There are still some big infestations out there. But we are tackling them year after year, and we are making big impacts!

If you like maps, have a look at how far we’ve come in the last seven years. Each dot on the map represents a spot we’ve sprayed Bridal Creeper. Every year we are able to reach further and further into the landscape and kill more and more Bridal Creeper.

We thank the State NRM Office for their ongoing support of the program, and to each of the participating Landcare offices, and local governments who continue to make this weed eradication a priority in each budget.