In winter 2018, through a project funded through the State Natural Resource Management Office (State NRM), we were able to spray 4480km of roads across 8 shires. Working on eliminating roadside infestations isn’t easy work, and it takes many years to eliminate even a single stand of Bridal Creeper, but many people have noticed that there just isn’t that much of it around anymore, particularly in Katanning, Wagin and Woodanilling.

That’s because we have covered a lot of ground over the years! Here’s where we’ve been in 2018, and the last few years as well! Every dot on the map represents a place our contractors have stopped and sprayed a Bridal Creeper infestation along the side of the road.

That’s a whole lot of stops! And a whole lot of Bridal Creeper controlled!

2018 Bridal Creeper Spray Program

Dumbleyung 2018 Spray Program


Dumbleyung 2011-2018 spray program


West Arthur 2018 Spray Program

West Arthur 2011-2018


Woodanilling 2018 Spray Program


Woodanilling 2011-2018 Spray Program


Wagin 2018 Spray Program


Wagin 2011-2018 Spray Program

Kent 2018 Spray Program


Kent 2011-2018 Spray Program


Kojonup 2018 Spray Program


Kojonup 2011-2018 Spray Program


Katanning 2018 Spray Program


Katanning 2011-2018 Spray Program