Tuesday’s “Bush Medicine and Natural Skin Care Products” workshop with Vivienne Hansen was probably one of our most successful events ever. 20150428_091131 crop Thirty six people attended, once again, travelling from far and wide to learn about the healing properties of native Australian bush plants. Participants came from Narrogin, Denmark, Highbury, Piesseville, Woodanilling, Ongerup, Broomehill and Dumbleyung and enjoyed a hands-on, practical and interactive morning. 20150428_092858 crop Everyone who participated gained new skills, and went home with natural products they made themselves, such as potpourri bags, eucalyptus balms, and sandalwood facial scrub.
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Making eucalyptus balm with oil, leaves, and bees wax.

They also got a chance to learn a lot more about the native Australian bush, and its practical applications. There was a great deal of interest in Bev Lockley’s sandalwood plantation, and her wide variety of flowering native trees, that feed her bee hives year round on her property. Many participants took home sandalwood seeds, and hope to see the sandalwood propagate onto a host plant at their own homes.
Photo: Monica Durcan SWCC RLF

Bev Lockley sharing on sandalwood and more.  
Photo Credit: Monica Durcan SWCC RLF

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Watch, then do.

This was one of those “when are you doing this again” workshops. Viv was such a vibrant and generous presenter who is clearly passionate about what she does and loves to share her knowledge.
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Cracking the sandalwood nuts to get at the seed.

We have found that people really want to get involved, get their hands dirty, and try for themselves. You can get instructions from a plethora of sources, but to be able to sit with someone and work on something new, to get an experts hands to show you the way – well, that’s when real learning and engagement happens.
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The beautiful scent of fresh potpourri made with fresh blossoms and sandalwood.

It was great to hear the buzz of happy industry as people tried different activities, and worked around the different tables. 20150428_105634 crop  
Photo Credit: Monica Durcan SWCC RLF

Photo Credit: Monica Durcan SWCC RLF

A special thanks to our funders for making this day possible, in particular, Monica Durcan our Regional Landcare Facilitator. group-logos20150428_093815 crop