We’re hoping you will take some time to fill in a Carnaby’s Cockatoo Historical Sightings report! The more we know about where these birds are, have been, or have disappeared from, the more conservation work we will be able to do to help save them.

We are seeking information about the nesting sites for black cockatoos, if people have seen them fly over, feeding or even resting, any sort of sighting people have had including historical information.

There is a real shortfall of knowledge about where they actually breed and feed, and with their numbers on the decline, we need as much information about them as possible, so we can start to plan how to help these birds survive.

People are encouraged to report sightings via this online survey which involves mapping out your property area and questions relating to feeding and nesting observations.


The focus is mainly on the threatened Carnaby’s black cockatoo but we are also keen to find out about Baudin’s and Red-tailed black cockatoos. The Carnaby’s are severely threatened and they could become extinct in the wild within our lifetime as they are losing more habitat each year.

A lot of galahs can also steal their nesting hollows –  Carnaby’s usually come back to the same hollow each year and if something is in there like bees or galahs, they might not breed that year…there’s all these things they are quite sensitive to that help them survive.

Once the project is concluded, the data will go to BirdLife Australia which they will continue to use to guide projects to protect the cocky’s.

If you would like to report a black cockatoo sighting, contact Andrea on 9821 4327 (leave a message, or I won’t know you’ve called) or via email andrea@katanninglandcare.org.au or go direct to the link above to fill in your sighting information.

Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo (white tail, shorter, wide beak, white facial marking)

Baudin’s Black Cockatoo (white tail, longer narrow beak, white facial marking)

Forest Red-tailed Black Cockatoo (red tail, no white facial marking)

Thanks so much, everyone!