Christmas on Clive was Katanning Landcare’s last social engagement for 2014. This year we introduced ‘Dot Surveys’ at any ‘fetes’ we’ve attend and we have gained a lot of insight from them! Plus, we think they’re FUN! 🙂 Our first Dot Survey was in September at the Eco Fair, where we asked about people’s biggest local environmental concerns, what people want from their local Landcare group, and what residents like most about living in Katanning. The second was in October at the Katanning Show, where we learned more about the biggest environmental concerns, what people want the Landcare team to focus on, and about how people are, or would like to be, involved in Landcare. (I’ll share the results from those surveys in another post in the near future.) This weekend, at Christmas on Clive, approximately 35 people answered two questions, where we tried to gain greater insight into two of the original questions:
  1. What pests or weeds in the Katanning district are of the greatest concern to you?
  2. Which factors most influence your choice to live in Katanning?
Dot Survey Christmas on Clive The results were quite interesting. For pests and weeds, the responses were:
  1. Mosquitoes and Fruit Fly (equal first) – 28 dots each
  2. Feral Cats – 27
  3. Foxes – 20
  4. Rabbits and Bridal Creeper (equal fourth) – 12
  5. Flies (added in ‘other’) – 7
  6. Silver Leaf Nightshade – 4
  7. Love Grass, Cape Tulip, Kangaroos (added to ‘other’) (equal seventh) – 3 dots each
  8. Stray dogs (added to ‘other’) – 2
For why you choose to live in Katanning:
  1. It’s an affordable place to live – 21
  2. It’s home – 20
  3. It has everything I need – 19
  4. It’s a great place to raise kids and Other factors (equal fourth) – 14
  5. It’s a lifestyle choice – 13
  6. It supports a healthy lifestyle – 9
  7. It’s a lovely place to live – 8
  8. I married a farmer (added to ‘other’) – 3
  9. I’m not allowed to leave (added to ‘other’) – 1
Please note that #9 was rather tongue-in-cheek. The respondent wasn’t married to a farmer, but she was married to someone who would ‘never leave Katanning’.   What pests and weeds are the biggest concern to you? Why do you live in Katanning? Did we miss something? Where would you have put your dots?