Here’s a few quick snaps of the busy bee activity that happened on Sunday 7th June out at the Friends of Piesse Lake (FoPL) site. Once again, thanks to Matt Collis for the photos of the busy bees at work! 11392862_1596329907323440_3027073011382319789_n 11392891_1596329790656785_5272803676517756821_n 11393235_1596329967323434_1941283058452832492_n 11400979_1596329670656797_8067863692352161446_n 11403251_1596329763990121_3330498559354240107_n 11406933_1596329857323445_575156158926206623_n 11407068_1596329870656777_9080311735360530417_n 10384187_1596329947323436_6758754901119638884_n 10930985_1596329710656793_5548621010670991580_n 11147074_1596329813990116_6746652474249876775_n And a few after photos for you to enjoy as well. 1-P1030792 2-P1030795 3-P1030797 4-P1030798 5-P1030799 6-P1030801   In other news, the benches have been ordered and will arrive, we hope, in a few weeks’ time. Thank you so much to the generous community members who raised just over $1000 for the benches! The money will be used for the benches themselves, plus installation, as well as a few more plants and surprises around the site! You can help with this, and other local events, by:
  • lending a hand at busy bees and events
  • donating materials such as sea sol and soil improver or mulch
  • donating funds to obtain needed supplies to keep the work happening
The next Busy Bee is scheduled for Sunday 21st June 2015 from 2:00-4:00pm and will include the remaining plantings up to the mound and along the bank. Contact Katanning Landcare 9821 4327 if you’d like more information.