Another successful Fox Shoot, and delicious Tally Breakfast, with great results for the year, adding to the state-wide Red Card for Rabbits and Foxes total for 2019.We had 7 fabulous teams this year!Most teams said they liked the option of shooting both nights, so we might continue that format next year. We’ll also hopefully hold a February shoot next year.We will upload some photos soon!

Official Results from Katanning and Surrounds Fox Shoot 2019:

2019 Team Table
PlaceTeam NameFoxesCatsRabbits
7Salt Land Warriors (NB: score added after event)620
6Lead Poisoning100
4Greg’s Gang1101
3Kowald Blood1620
2Perkin’s Farm1803
1Who Let the Dogs Out1733

Fox Shoot Results Board 2019

Note: We combined the two Who Let the Dogs Out teams together, and added Salt Land Warriors tally after the event.

Annual Results Table

2019771710Who Let the Dogs Out
201810172556Broomehill Wild Wild West
2017699915Broomehill Wild Wild West
2016101273103Broomehill Wild Wild West
2015141824115Oxley Inmates
20141195539Kowald Blood
201311104649Greg’s Gang
2012111271149Team Mills
201199493Team Mills

Thanks and acknowledgements:

  • Thank you to our volunteers, especially Brenda Harwyluk, Matt Collis, David Secomb, Bev Kowald, Geoff Kowald, Bev Lockley, and Ron Lockley, and our other volunteers who were so essential to this day happening. Thank you so much for making this happen!
  • Thank you to David Potter for providing your shed for the Tally Breakfast.
  • We are thankful to the SSAA who took up the sponsorship of the Red Card for Rabbits and Foxes events, and for their contribution of the $5 bounty to support the Regional Men’s Health Initiative.
  • Thank you to the teams who go out and shoot all night and still manage to come in for breakfast and be cheerful and bright despite being out a long sleepless night. Well done for getting those foxes, rabbits and cats!
  • Thank you to WAMMCO for your contribution, making it possible to provide a delicious hot free breakfast again this year, and to the Lions Club for the use of the Barbeque.