By: Ella Maesepp
I established the Katanning Nappy Library at Katanning Landcare a couple of years ago, to give parents who were unsure about using cloth nappies the opportunity to ‘try before they buy’. I didn’t realise I’d end up using it. cloth-nappy In preparing for the birth of Baby #2, we pulled out the stash of cloth nappies – everything from traditional white squares to funky modern cloth nappies – that we’d used with Baby #1 and filled the nappy stacker. However, when we proudly brought our new bundle of joy home we discovered that in being smaller than our first child, all of the nappies we had were too big! What to do?? There was NO WAY I was going to use awful disposable nappies daily until he grew that little bit, but was it worth buying some tiny cloth nappies? Or should we just wrap the ones we had a bit tighter on him for a few weeks?

Enter the Katanning Cloth Nappy Library!

nappy-library For a nominal fee, I was able to borrow a selection of newborn modern cloth nappies. We realised this smaller size fitted beautifully and worked perfectly, which made the decision for us – yep, buy some nappies. A quick post on the local community Facebook Page and I had some second-hand cloth nappies in just the right size within 24 hrs. And it still worked out cheaper than if we’d used disposables until he grew that extra bit – plus an awful lot nicer for the environment! Thanks Katanning Nappy Library!   For more information about how and why to use Cloth Nappies, please see Ella’s post “Disposable Knickers?