Katanning Landcare is blessed to have the amount of support from volunteers that we do. This year we undertook a massive initiative to transform Piesse Lake, this project was huge and could not have been achieved without the amazing support by Katanning residents. Incredibly this year we have had help from 97 locals who donated their free time to transforming Piesse Lake from a barren landscape to a botanical garden which reflects the seven typical landscape zones of the region.

We are overwhelmed at the efforts put forward by residents as it would have been impossible to achieve what we have without their support. To add to our gratefulness, we have concluded that our 97 volunteers donated over 500 hours of time during the year. Each volunteer came to on average three planting days held this year. This time was spent moving hundreds of cubic meters’ worth of gravel and mulch not to mention the estimated 5,000 plants that we managed to get in the ground.

Katanning Landcare would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts everyone that came to lend a hand at our Piesse Lake planting days. We are incredibly grateful to each one of you for supporting us in our quest to transform Piesse Lake. Your contribution has made a huge difference to the outcome of our project and we are certain that there are many more positive outcomes from this initiative. We hope to see you next year!