Twenty-five people from fifteen properties around the South West spent a fruitful Sunday preparing a Property Plan for their properties. P1030749 With the guidance of Chris Ferreira and Adrian Williams, the group was able to get a strong start into a complex process of considering their property’s strengths and weaknesses, their own vision and goals for the land, and the limitations of time, weather, salinity, weeds, and a plethora of other environmental and social factors that affect the plan.
Chris and Adrian discussing land-use planning

Chris and Adrian discussing land-use planning

Each group received an aerial map of their property, and worked through their Property Planning workbook to create a personalised plan to meet their own specific situation. Even though everyone had different goals and property types, they were all able to start to develop their overall plan, and their action plan, thanks to personal attention from Chris and Adrian throughout the workshop.
Kerry and Diana Marsh working on their property plan.

Kerry and Diana Marsh working on their property plan.

Although there were some people who were already had quite advanced knowledge and awareness of their property, and others just starting out, everyone gained something from the workshop, even if it were just to reinforce the importance of having a plan, organising yourself, and preparing to tackle fire, weeds, soil health, erosion, livestock management, water management and more! All of the participants really enjoyed the workshop. Here are a few comments from the group after the event:
  • A pathway to help us realize our dream
  • I can now progress my land management with confidence
  • Very interesting, informative, and inspiring
  • Timely information for the future of our property
  • Empowerment to implement improvements
  • Land ownership is a big thing, but has little steps!!
  • “Wow”, if only I could capture all the info presented and implement that.
  • Major learning curve
  • Reinforced information given from previous courses, field days

Adrian Williams on soil health and the importance of ground-cover.


What weed is that? Chris gets up close and personal with people’s weeds or unknown plants.

The importance of a fire-safe zone around your home, and choosing fire retardant plants was of extreme interest to participants, as was the importance of soil health.

Time to get your hands dirty! Looking at soil structure, water repellency, and other factors

People were also interested in horticulture, tree crops, self-sufficiency, appropriate species for my property/area, pasture and crop productivity for soil improvement. So, there is plenty more to learn and foundations for more workshops in the future! This workshop was so popular, we have a waiting list for the next one. If you’re keen to do a property plan for your place, and want to take part in the next workshop, please drop Andrea a line ( and she’ll contact you when the next one is scheduled. As funding is pending, there is no date set at this time. We would like to thank our generous funders for making this event possible: Funder Logos You can see more of Chris’ work and upcoming events at The Forever Project, and the amazing work of Avongro Wheatbelt Tree Cropping by clicking on the links to their pages.