I wanted to share three quick posts from Ella Maesepp, over on her Katanning Eco-House website (https://katanningecohouse.wordpress.com/), that share her journey so far in her efforts to regenerate the understorey at her place. These posts follow her through various techniques for regenerating understorey, including planting seedlings, with and without tree guards and with and without soil water, as well as direct seeding an area with a variety of seeds and treatments.   Her first post, from October 2016 quickly looks at the different sites and work done. See what she did in Understorey Regeneration.   Then, a few weeks later, she added soil-water treatments. What’s soil water, you ask? Pop over to her website and find out in Soil Water and Muddy Pants.   And just this January 2017, she committed the Landcarer’s cardinal sin – she PEEKED at her revegetation in the middle of summer! Much to our surprise, it wasn’t all bad news! Take a look at her Sneak Peeking at the Understorey post here.   This project, “Bringing Back the Understorey,”  is funded through the State NRM Office’s Community Action Grants, and will include a field walk to review the results in mid to late 2017, so keep an eye out for more updates and a great event to come!