The challenge of spotting an Australian native animal is the fact that so many are rare and populations struggle with habitat loss, leading to declining numbers. Plus, Australian wildlife tends to be small, elusive, nocturnal, and are just generally hard to spot. So if you see something, especially something that is endangered, it’s a really good idea to report it, so we can keep track of where these animals are and get a sense of their abundance and range. Take a look at this lovely snap that local Katanning residents were able to capture when they recently disturbed their wood pile:
Mum got caught on film, but the babies were hidden away before the cameras appeared.

Western Pygmy Possum. Mum got caught on film, but the babies were hidden away before the camera appeared.

  The couple also saw two teeny tiny juveniles, but were unable to get them on camera. But I think it’s pretty special to get a photo of the very tiny Western Pygmy Possum! The possums have moved on since this photo was taken in August, but the sighting has been reported to the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW), and the photo, which also provides a date-stamp, is great evidence to supply. If you have a native fauna (animal) sighting in Western Australia, let DPaW know about it. A sighting report form is available for download in either a word or pdf format below. Or you can always stop into your local DPaW or Landcare office to let everyone know about your sighting! Download the forms here: