Katanning Landcare has been working with Katanning Primary School to create a beautiful, welcoming native wildflower garden at the entrance to the school. Many hours have gone into the planning, design, and plant selection, and now, the plan is starting to take shape, with the first phase of the project completed – the Seasons Garden.

Laying out the beds for the students.

As you enter the school off Dore Street, you will see two flowers with 6 petals each. These are designed to represent the 6 Noongar Seasons, with each petal blooming in its respective season. Last week, students from years 3 to 6 planted the petals, under the expert guidance of Bev Lockley and Ilias Shaw.

The first plant to go in.

It looks amazing now, and we can’t wait to see how it looks when the plants get established and begin to bloom each season.

Applying mulch to retain moisture.

Soon, we will begin planting the ‘creekbeds’ and ‘spiral garden’ and, in the end, the ‘native bush tucker garden’. There are many months of work ahead, so keep an eye out on the changes happening at the school! Interested in Australian Native plants for your own garden? Or keen to have our team design your home or work garden? Call us on 9821 4327 or email hello@katanninglandcare.org.au