Hakea laurina is a locally occurring plant from the Proteacea family. It is commonly known as Pincushion Hakea, and sometimes Kodjet or Emu Bush.   It is large shrub to 4 metres with drooping grey green foliage and bright red nectar producing flowers.     The flowers are popular with birds and bees.     The Hakea laurina makes a lovely garden plant, and is reasonably easy to grow from seed. Check out this Gardening Australia article on the Hakea for great advice on keeping Hakeas in your garden. Other information on the plant can be found at the Australian National Herbarium website HERE and, of course, on Wikipedia HERE. And you can buy Hakea laurina seeds at the Katanning Landcare Centre, if you’d like to get this beauty growing in your garden. Only $6.60 per packet (including GST). What are your favourite local native garden plants?